Monitoring Centers

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Monitoring Centers

Our Monitoring Emergency Response Centers are staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with highly trained security professionals who follow streamlined standard operating procedures to ensure efficient and effective service delivery.

Being focused on delivering excellent customer service ASP Balkans has developed a two level system of event monitoring centers:

  • Local Monitoring Centers, located in Podgorica, Skopje, Tirana and Pristina - providing monitoring facilities, collecting of information and their distribution for purposes of ASP;
  • Regional Monitoring Center for the Balkans, located in Belgrade, that provides support to all local ASP branch offices.

Apart from standard Fire, Intruder and other alarm and event monitoring with emergency services, all our sites are fully equipped for the remote monitoring of clients CCTV and Video surveillance systems (analog/hybrid/IP), and rebuild/upgrade such systems if needed. We also have all necessary equipment and experience provide various Location Based Services (Lone Worker, Vehicle/Asset tracking, Geo-fencing and monitoring etc.) with Proactive and/or Reactive responses on trigger events, depending on the protocol agreed with the client.

All our monitoring solutions are based on individual requirements that are customized to each customer detailing how to respond to each alarm and event. Our solutions can manage the response to individual and grouped alarms as well as a range of analog/digital signals and devices. ASP operatives are progressing through a structured training programme to ensure they are multi-skilled and highly trained in the streamlined standard operating procedures so that consistent, efficient and effective service delivery for all solutions offered and matching all our diverse customers’ requirements.

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